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Jul 24, 10 5:40 PM
Jul 24, 10 5:39 PM
Jul 7, 10 5:42 AM
Jun 29, 10 12:19 PM
Jun 22, 10 2:09 PM
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Game News
Welcome to Delta Nine's web home!!

Thank you for your interest in Delta Nine we are currently recruiting geared 80's.  We have recently just been a leveling guild but are trying to start raiding we currently have 45 lvl 80's currently enrolled.  Our guild has been starting ICC Progession and are only have currently downed up to Rotface in 10m.  We also have so far looking like 1 core team for 10m and are starting another regular 10m ICC.  We are Allied with another guild named ADDICTED whom are there to help with anything as well as us.  Please feel free to email us if your are not a current member of Delta Nine to apply for membership.  You can contact Thyel, Parkwize, Aliiandra, Kricket or Getzumarse in game or e-mail us at

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Strenhon, Jul 24, 10 5:40 PM.
I will NOT be Raiding the Weekend of Aug 6th 7th and 20th 21st I have family coming from Idaho to look at Colt (Baby) I will be on though sometimes showing my Brother WoW! The other Weekend I will be in CA visiting Sayerslayer Jen and Family so NOT sure if I will get to play at all that weekend. Delta 9 is Great!
Thank You


mitchfb, Jul 24, 10 5:39 PM.
Thanks for the congratz brother!   And as far as this Guild so far it's been a blast!  In the words of my esteemed colleague Hoona  We are going to do dirty things.... very dirty things to this game!  

Strenhon, Jul 7, 10 5:42 AM.
Congrats to Getz on his Promotion to Staff Sgt.  Awesome Job Man! Thank You for your service it is Greatly Appreciated!

Strenhon, Jun 29, 10 12:19 PM.
Congrats To Alan and Amanda on their New Boy!!!

Strenhon, Jun 22, 10 2:09 PM.
I would Especially like to Thank Getz, Hoona, and Ex for coming to D9 and haviing the patience with are members to show us the ropes of raiding.  Also just want to thank all the New Members that have recently joined Welcome!
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